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Cognate with Catalan quin and with Franco-Provençal quint from a merging of Latin quinam and quantus. Quin Hotel New York - A new New York Hotel with luxury New York Accommodations. The QUIN line of handcrafted candy includes gumdrops and lollipops made with local fruit, caramels Quin Hotel - A New York Hotel. A new New York Hotel close to Central Park and New York Attractions. A white male that is rumored to be the greatest thing to ever brace the earth with his awesomeness. What made you want to look up quin-? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, Define quin. Our Central Park Hotel is the newest Luxury New York Hotel. quin synonyms, quin pronunciation, quin translation, English dictionary definition of quin. Quin definition, variant of quino- before a vowel. Close to New York Events, Broadway Shows, New York Restaurants, Shopping NYC & New York Things to Do. QUIN is a candy shoppe brought to you by Jami Curl. Contact Quin Hotel: 212-245-7846. Medical definition of quin-: quina : cinchona bark. See more. An NY Hotel with New York Hotel Offers. Quin. He is supposed to have golden hair that only a GOD From Old Provençal, from Latin quinam (who, which). n Brit short for quintuplet2 US and Canadian word: quint 


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